Saturday, September 04, 2004

Look At Me When You Do What You Do...

Breezy Friday Evening... Posted by Hello

It was a hot but breezy Friday evening when I met you. I remember the gentle smile I had on my face because of two unexpected moments. After I swiped my credit card and began filling up the tank, something told me to look up gradually. The sky was sort of a purplish orange color and with my creative mind working overtime, I'd placed a mental picture frame around the AM PM sign up above. It was sort of funny but something about the sign, the words and the sky in the background seemed to mix just right. All day, all night, I thought to myself and then I saw you. There you were on the other side of the gas pump trying to figure out which number corresponded with the pump you were about to use. I pointed and said "it's right there" as I intruded on your mission to figure it out for yourself. You didn't seem to mind, though. You smiled and then you walked away. I watched you. Seemed like you were halfway performing for a brotha. I laughed gently and then you turned around and caught me smiling, again. And again, you didn't seem to mind.

When you returned from pre-paying for your gas, I tried to be discreet when stealing glances at you. I have no doubt you knew what I was doing. Why else would you be smiling and trying to catch glimpses from the side of your eye? That was when the second unexpected moment happened. You said, "hello" and then we made eye contact. The sound of your voice turned that hot breeze into a cool mental shower. I was immediately drenched by your beautiful spirit. I finally returned the greeting just before the sound of my gas pump clicked, signifying that my tank was now full. Somehow it made me feel like this unexpected dream was over, but it wasn't.

You laughed when you said "come here often?" I smiled almost bashfully and said, no. You commented on my ride while somehow throwing in the fact that you were impressed by my height. Seems like you were taking in as much as you could in the little time that we had for this moment. I tried to come up with a fitting line for the occasion but it was probably corny though you smiled. I told you that my height was just perfect for you but truthfully there was something so incredible about you that I'd adjust myself to any size or height you'd happen to be. Of course that's probably easy for me to say being that from head to toe, you already had me in awe. That's when your pump clicked. Your tank was full and this dream moment was seconds from ending. You looked almost disappointed. We shared that feeling because I was too. We didn't say a lot or perhaps we didn't say enough during this encounter but nothing compares to the way you lit up when I asked you for your phone number. You brushed your hair to the side. You smiled. You nodded your head, showing me a warm sign of approval. Then you said "okay, and do you have a card or something?" I patted my pockets. I usually do have a business card but this time I didn't. Then an idea hit me. I opened my car door on the passenger side where I was standing closest to and pulled out my journal. I ripped one of the white pages from it, grabbed not one but two pens and turned to look at you. This time I caught you smiling, though your right eyebrow was raised. I may have to ask you sometime what ran through your mind. I could probably guess.

I walked over to you. I handed you one of the pens and the piece of paper that I'd ripped. You began writing your name and then I stopped you. I told you it would be fun if we write it together. You questioned what I mean't. I said "let's look at each other while writing our names and numbers; see what happens..." You laughed but you appreciated my creativity. That's when you sort of moved in closer to me. Seems like you adjusted really well to the little game I was playing. We both wrote slowly, trying both to write correctly while at the same time trying to see who would look away first. It was funny. It was a nice little moment of mind control because it was hard as heaven trying to concentrate on numbers while looking deeply into your eyes, at your nose, your lips, and back to your eyes. You played unfair when you took a slow, deep breath and then blew it out gently. When your lips parted my hand shook. When I glanced down, I had written all over the page and you? Just like I'd imagine, your writing was just like you; beautiful, fluid, sexy, and seemingly confident. It was great meeting you, even if this dream really was a dream...

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