Sunday, September 05, 2004

Harmony Of Love & Memories...

Dreamstyle Posted by Hello

I sat up late thinking about love and remembering when I was a passenger to a beautiful future. I sat there watching...her... The way she moved. The way she sat, leaned forward while driving. That alone made me think about a time when my father used to laugh at me while driving because I leaned forward, reminiscent of his own father that leaned forward while driving as well. That was cool and it was such a trip to see it in the form of a woman who no matter what will always remain beautiful in my eyes, mind, spirit and heart. I honor her in some of the things I write and I hope she's proud and perhaps touched a little bit. I expect nothing in return for I have memories that last as long as I wish to visualize what leaves me feeling good to this day, four years later... When it's good, it's good.... Harmonious... Like a flirtatious dance mixing perfectly with an infectious groove, trying desperately to keep the bounce from seeping outside where the world can get to it because sometimes, most times... life changes things... Life camouflages reality when we think love ain't possible... We think we have to submit to the sting of sadness and being stuck in situations that keep us wanting... Why not embrace something that feels incredible and thus build upon it and make it fly in the face of all that's wrong in the world.... Give folks something to aspire to rather than retire to. I dream constantly..I remain positive even when I'm down because I know what I deserve and I know what I've given... On days where I wish I could go back, it's not so much so that I can make things turn out different, it's only because I truly celebrate what once was... It was great... it was incredible... it was right... Harmonious.... until... ciao'

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ikerus said...

Do you use photoshop for those pics? They are really cool. If you don't you should try photoshop, because it is extremely versitile once you learn how to use it. But seems like you allready have skills useing your own program.