Thursday, December 16, 2010

Follow up tribute..

I’m old enough to have been blessed with the kind of experiences where I never feel like I’m missing out when it comes to the wild, the crazy, or the sort of experiences of today that are considered the “in” thing to do. What I miss is the potential of what could’ve been and how special the potential long lasting memory would feel like after having gone through it. Such is the case when I think about Mr. Narciso Peralta. The funeral has come and gone. He is missed especially by his daughters, his son, his wife and grandchildren. And I miss him very much too. It makes me question time and why things happen when they happen. Though he lived a full and wonderful life, I wish God could’ve given him many more years so I could enjoy his presence a little longer.

After experiencing my first trip to the Philippines last year, I placed within my heart a new dream to look forward to that would coincide with the dream that I experience every day. Like when I see my love’s smile or hear her voice or rest my head on her shoulder. My new dream and it may sound simple to others, but I truly looked forward to that day when I could hangout on the front porch with Narciso in San Carlos, Pangasinan in the Philippines and also going walking with his wife, Myrna to the market or to church; anywhere as long as I could experience what to me would feel really nice and special. I’m a strong believer in moments and how much they can potentially mean to your life, though it’s probably human nature to waste time and not realize the greatness of what you have. As I’ve grown older, I’ve gotten better at appreciating what means the most and what I can carry with me regardless of where I travel. That sort of thing is carried within the heart and soul, filed under experience and hopefully exuded through some kind of wisdom that allows you to see and actually care about all that you’ve endured. Right now, this is a moment to endure because the pleasure that I could’ve received had that simple dream been allowed to come true would have been enormous. Not to mention the blessed occasion of seeing Narciso and Myrna enjoy their golden wedding anniversary and all the smiles, laughter, and togetherness of the family. Wow, it would’ve been the ultimate in good times.

Sadly, reality is a different story and dreams have to climb in the backseat sometimes. There will still be incredible moments and a lot of love shared amongst family but the presence of Narciso will be missed a great deal. His memory however, will be treasured forever… He’s gone too soon... Another one of those, “life ain’t fair” moments.

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