Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blast From My Recent Past

I’ve been seeing really cool reminders of my recent past.. The literary blessing, so to speak.. Books/stories that I’ve written a long while ago have been getting great responses from those that have discovered them by accident. And then even with myself, as I open up old programs and stuff that I created for the purpose of promoting the stories, I feel a sense of pride about where I’ve been in my life. With all the ups, downs, mistakes, good feelings, triumphs, etc etc, I feel like I’ve had a pretty interesting journey and with that, I’ve also held onto the many stories passed down to me from those that came before in my family. Sometimes it makes me hunger for the chance to pass down what I’ve learned or heard about… Even with all it’s sadness attached, life is truly amazing but of course it aint over but at the same time, one must cherish each single second because you just never know… And even as we all recognize and agree with the old cliché about not taking life for granted, we always do and we forget until something happens… The challenge of self should always be to consistently remind oneself to not forget and to truly live. Never forget real true loved ones and never forget to truly live your life…

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