Sunday, October 18, 2009

As 1-Concert

Saturday night in Pasadena was a beautiful concert experience. It was both celebration and tribute. It was also a moving and very thought-provoking experience. I attended the AS-1 concert at the Pasadena Civic Center. As-1 features the incredible talents of Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera. This was a new experience for me eventhough I am very much familiar with both entertainers via watching them on the TFC channel or just hearing their music via youtube. However, in person these two put on an amazing show and what's really great about them is the way they work together. The songs, the talent, the humor especially from Martin Nievera, and of course the pure energy and excitement of Gary Valenciano. This was different for me because my concert experience is usually Prince and more Prince.. *smile* and at the same time this show was attended by a mostly filipino audience and it was one of the most positive and celebratory experiences I've ever been a part of. I was impressed by the band and how they went from playing songs made famous by both performers and then going into sections of the show where they played a bunch of Michael Jackson songs and closed the show with about 4 or 5 Earth Wind and Fire tunes that truly rocked the house! I was most impressed by how personable these two performers were/are and as they spoke to the audience, you could hear a pin drop between the laughter because everyone paid close attention to what was being said. Case in point was when Gary Valenciano spoke about the "eye of the storm" being inside the concert hall. Meaning that for that 3 hour show, it was pure escape from the world outside but of course once the show was over, we know we have to return to what goes on outside in the world... the cellphone, the text messages, emails, traffic, and all that comes with our daily lives... I believe in trying to find that escape every weekend and every night when I rest from the days work. Escape from the world, refresh yourself so that you can meet tomorrow's basket of whatever life brings you... And inside that concert hall on Saturday night, it was a truly incredible experience that I was blessed to share with the most incredible special someone in my life... She too is my beautiful escape from all that this crazy world brings...

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