Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vacation Imagination

She acts like she's leaving on a trip somewhere soon.. A vacation where she needs all her bags. She's talking about papers that need filing, make sure you do this and that, here's a folder for this and that.. She's sure she wont be around yet I say, why not appreciate each day and linger your mind in the belief that it feels good to be alive, no matter how short, how long, breathing, living, watching the world in all it's beauty and craziness, sadness and celebration, turn and continue.. But she doesn't.. she's focused on not being here.. She's waiting for the air conditioned bus, like going on weekend trip to Vegas to play bingo. Only difference is, that one returns..

1 comment:

Sexkitten said...

Yes, I wish too that she could forget all else and live for RIGHT Now. I wonder if I could...I think so, but still.