Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thinking & Wondering..

More times than not, I'm blown away by human behavior or better yet, human disguise. The way folks treat each other, the way a lie feels more comfortable than truth, disrespect a function of not only the youth but everybody fifty on down to two! But a child knows no better unless taught so how about the many grown folks out there? How do we teach those who should already know? Or is this the downward never-ending spiral headed toward oblivion filled with minds whose mission it is to forever wreck havoc on those who simply want to live good, live free, live whole and complete. These folks are like unnecessary speed bumps on the road of life. Or perhaps they're not unnecessary because eventually you learn something. The trick is to not become that which frustrates the hell out of you thereby putting yourself under the cloak of hypocrisy. Like for example, I'm calling the bank wanting to payoff something, they send me an extension. This happens three times after speaking with three different people. I'm waiting for somebody to get it right. I don't know; maybe the word "payoff" or "purchase" isn't the politically correct term in 2009? Then on top of that, I'm still dealing with someone who swears by their word to get something done but in a month or two it'll be two years since they uttered the words, "I promise, this will be resolved by next week." Yeah, next week two years ago...I shake my head. It's become comical at this point. I often wonder why so many refuse to recognize the beauty, the power, the satisfaction of being true to your word, honest in your actions and reactions, and just being good to those you encounter. It makes life so much easier but it's like traffic that keeps stopping for no reason except that some place, somewhere out there, somebody is screwing things up by being self-centered and not recognizing that there's more to this world than themselves. Tunnel vision has become a serious disease. Folks who've lost all peripheral vision and only see themselves in the realm of everything! A good friend of mine who happens to be a very talented author along with just being a great person is experiencing the frustration of dealing with individuals who possess a talent for not delivering on simple promises. Every day they promise to deliver what's written in contract but consistently fall on excuses for the month to month to month delays... I wish her well in her struggle to get things resolved because no one deserves the silliness of waiting on someone to get it right and abide by simple uncomplicated honesty... The beautiful flow of life often gets re-routed by the heartless few but those are the same ones most likely to be introduced to karma.. what comes around... etc.


Sexkitten said...

I hear you on this one. I'm from the school that still believe that my word is my bond.

How have you been? I came to check on you.

I hope you smiled today

Sassy Brit said...

Must be something in the water, even from across the pond! I came to see how you were, too.

Hope you are well! Love your live 'whose been looking at my blog' feed. Very clever.

Take care,