Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weigh Me Down

Sometimes you come across people for no reason at all that you must speak to or more importantly, listen to. You find yourself compelled to absorb every nuance and every deep meaning behind the words they speak. You play a positive scrimmage between yourself and them. You ask questions, make comments followed by a natural overwhelming sincerity or gratitude for the moment and then you take the experience with you as a memory to revisit from time to time. Sometimes you pass it on to others.

He said to me "I've had thoughts and memories that weigh me down. I'd cover my eyes and hold my head, praying this feeling leave my body but there could be a reason why it lingers so long, ya know."

I told him I could relate. I began to speak but he cut me off in mid sentence.

He said "so, what keeps you going?"

"The same thing that caused my stumble..."

"I hear ya and it happens to many but dont let it weigh you down forever. You can sift around in that feeling for too long and forget that in your bag of memories, you can pluck out a lot that is good. That which is good is the payoff to being true, honest and working hard to surpass where you once were before your fall... Wrestle with it but make sure you keep standing in the process..."

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