Monday, June 20, 2005

She Trippin....

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LA Women.... I gotta female friend who will remain nameless that tells me you can never find a good woman in LA. She says that quite often you'll end up with one who's triflin and puts you through unnecessary drama. I try to stay away from generalizations and keep a positive attitude. I just figure I dont get around enough or explore all the avenues to find the right one. Plus, I'm not really looking per se, but in the back of my mind I'm always thinking about how nice it would be to have that special somebody. I definitely wouldn't run from it.

But anyway, on the weekend before last there was a young lady that unfortunately proved my friend's point about triflin women in LA. This young lady has called me often and we speak occasionally whenever we happen to catch each other on the phone. Funny thing, as I was driving down Crenshaw Blvd., I looked over to my left and there she was. This young lady who will also remain nameless was in deep thought or just not wanting to look around to see who might be looking at her. So, rather than blow my horn to get her attention, I called her on her cellphone. She answered.

I said "hey, what's up! This is Anthony!"

"Hey Anthony, how you doing?"

"I'm good, how about you?"


During this brief exchange I was watching so I clearly knew it was her. Then we pull off as the light turned green. That's when the bizarre part of this moment happened. She'd changed lanes and was now in front of me.

I said "where you headed to? You know I'm driving right behind you?"

I could see as she positioned herself to look into her rearview mirror. Then she responded. "No, that's not me..."

"Say what...That's not you?"

"No, you must be looking at somebody else..."

"You serious?"

"Hey, let me call you right back, I need to put something away..."

She hung up and then I noticed her get in the far right lane to make a turn. As I pulled next to her, she held her left hand up with her fingers spread wide in her attempt to block her face from being seen. Picture me laughing because it ain't that serious!!! *laughing* I was merely calling the girl just to say hello because I noticed her in the car. I called back knowing full well that she would probably let my call ring through to voicemail and my assumption was correct. I left her a message. The first part was me laughing and then the second part was me wishing her a beautiful life.... Her behavior was ridiculous but I wont allow her to taint my belief in the women of LA.... I'm holding tough... *smile* whew... well, trying to..


alli-babe said...

Thanks for the stop by...glad to know my meanderings CAN be appreciated. lol Yea, she WAS trippin'...but you know how us womens be and she's from Cal makes it worse...but to be from LA...well hell, her actions aren't really that shocking anymore now are they....hahahaha
Will you be back in town for the Harlem Book Fair?

Shelia said...

It's clear she has