Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Rainy Day In November...

A Rainy Day In November... Posted by Hello

The rain came down like crazy today.. God was bowling for dollars up in the sky and making all kind of noise... Lightning touched the ground in several spots but I didn't see any damage. I opened the front door just to take a picture of the rain coming down. It looked like this pretty much all day until the sun poked it's head out for about one hour. Mother nature was at work too.. When the sun came out it was as if a fresh coat of fall season color was placed on some of the trees. Then the sun went back behind the clouds and the rain started all over again. I'm gonna miss Mother Nature's show out here in the country and not to mention all the beautiful animals too. I dont see it that much in the big city of Los Angeles. They got other examples of seasonal changes and wild life out there. Stuff like less clothes or more clothes and over anxious holiday drivers honking horns for no reason. Back to the real world that exists for me as I begin hopefully a renewed journey toward success... A new assault on achieving all that I dream about and hopefully all that I deserve. Time will reveal all that...that...that there stuff whether I'm ready or not! (smile)

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