Saturday, November 20, 2004

Country-fied Peace!

Beautiful Spot... Posted by Hello

Today I followed this road leading beyond my imagination. I was merely taking in sights and snapping pictures at every opportunity. My fascination grew wild as I discovered long, winding roads with beautiful fall colors on either side. This is how fall was meant to be experienced!

I wonder sometimes the benefits of seeing so much and seeing it alone. I wish I could run and tell the world how beautiful nature is and how blessed anyone with eyesight would be if they were looking through my eyes today. Thing is, it wasn't just my eyes receiving this incredible gift. My entire being took it all in. Every nerve-ending on my body relished this experience as the road led me to a beautiful piece of land that overwhelmed me in the most peaceful way.

I got out of my car to explore. As soon as I stepped out, a strong wind wrapped around me then let me go... It returned several times like the feeling you get, possibly when you're in love or perhaps when you break through the clouds and reach heaven. I dont know, but I walked and kept walking. I didn't want to return to my car.. I wanted to revisit a time when you could claim a spot of land as your own, build on it and that's it; it's yours but I couldn't... Part of the land included a small hill and an old abandoned barn.

When I walked to the top of the hill, I turned to look.... Funny thing, I was turning to look for someone. Someone I could smile at and say "what do you think?" And perhaps she would say "I like it... We could put our home right there..."

I saw no one once the sound of birds flying overhead brought me back to my senses. I realized my imagination was getting away from me, again. Thing is, when you're surrounded by total and complete serenity, it's not hard to imagine love and all that it's mean't to be....I find myself wishing that I lived in a time where love was truly all we needed... Somebody always finds a way to remind me that ain't so... So in the meantime, I discover possibilities and photograph them so that deep within my imagination I can play a positive game of what if..... What if will probably follow me forever...

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