Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Lack...

“A lack of communication is the key to so much misunderstanding”

I often wonder why so many choose that route when it comes to their direction each day. What’s the motivation there? I know of two individuals in my workplace who use to greet me all the time. I’ve known them both more than ten years, just to throw a figure out there yet in this year they’ve taken it upon themselves to no longer speak to me, greet me, etc. Not that I mind. (laughter follows) I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything… But, as someone who likes to sit back and take note of various personalities and ways of life; I find the whole thing fascinating because there’s no reason for it. There’s been no arguments, no unkind words, not even conversation taken out of context. It’s just a scenario of wake up one day and notice poked out lips mixed with apprehension everytime you’re in the vicinity. Imagine the difference if there was communication? "Foolishness is a hard explanation to find," I once heard. So instead, I encounter like today for example; one of the poked-out-lip squad walking in the opposite direction, coming my way. She leaving work and me coming into work. She commences to stiffen her neck, hold her head straight, eyes pointed forward, maybe even holding her breath… It was funny looking from my vantage point; the ultimate in silly, unnecessary behavior. I wanted to laugh but instead I played the game too, though I looked at her because I wanted to see how long she could hold the stiff neck position. Actually, now that I think about it, the above quote has no merit in this situation only in that this person is not really someone I see or converse with on the regular so I feel like she would have no right to display such attitude but some folks fall into that other category. The one with a strong odor of ignorance. The one spelled out in two words, sometimes hyphenated and sometimes not. First word begins with an ‘A’ and the other an ‘H’.

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