Thursday, December 03, 2009

Nation Of Forgetters- Tiger Woods

As Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon sings, "we're a nation of forgetters," the Tiger Woods saga instantly comes to mind. Folks will forget, especially once he gets on the golf field and starts to win, tournament after tournament. He'll probably see and receive a bunch of boos, angry letters, see some mean signs being held up and maybe a threat or two or three as well. He'll probably have to keep a big bodyguard or two handy nearby and all the other precautions necessary to protect when a so-called major personality/sports figure disappoints "the world." I feel more sorry for the kids and the wife than I do the world, for its them who will carry this for a long time and have to deal with some serious embarrassment. They'll also go through the torture of what's outside their window.... news media hounds trying to get the first scoop so they can sell their story to the world since everybody out there on radio and television pretty much report the same thing.. over and over and over again... How many times have I now heard Tiger's alleged voicemail message? Whew... way too many times!! Tiger doesn't seem to really be handling his situation right and perhaps feeding the flames of media curiosity more and more but then again, what is the right way to make up for your own very public indiscretion followed by your own moment of panic on such a wonderful day like Thanksgiving. Ha! The media thanks you for this story, Tiger. A sports hero-darling who seemingly could never do anything wrong though I'm old enough to remember when they thought the same thing of O.J. Simpson though he's in that category of stupidest person on the planet. Tiger's not there yet but he is where Kobe once was and just like Kobe, all he gotta do is win and win big on the field... people will forget.. Ultimately, it's really not the people who matter... it's family who is most important and perhaps the lesson learned, be it a positive lesson or just saying "I better not do voicemail, email, or text message any more..." *smile* Tiger is probably thinking, life was so much easier back in the days of pay phones and no round the clock internet/24 hour news channels... Life never gets a break now. It's broadcast every milli-second... My motto, if you will that I always like to say is that once you begin to feel invincible, that's usually when God steps in to remind you just how human you really are... Perhaps this is one of Tiger's moment to be reminded.

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