Sunday, July 06, 2008


Life comes full circle again and again.. Negativity reaches back to greet you, allowing you a glimmer; a glance at the reasons reflecting positively inside your heart; shining a spotlight on the best decision you possibly made in your life. Thank God.. Independence is a great groove to dance to especially when it takes me away from a downward spiral; that place where the negativity celebrates and feeds off of absolutely nothing.. This weekend has been good though last week was rough... Surgery on monday for my mother and a procedure for myself on tuesday. Both a test of strength; an endurance of some serious pain but that in and of itself is like an exclamation point of just what's truly important in life... My mother's battle outweighs the silliness that enters my life from time to time like the warm greeting (I say sarcastically) received in the middle of the night. Independence; I move forward, onward... thankful for what and who is in my life; family, friends, love.. it's some real true realness that makes moving forward not only a necessity but a promise that I need to keep to the LOVE which overflows and surrounds me now... I've got to be strong for that love and most importantly, for my mother because this is serious.... Happy 4th to all and a special very appreciative thanks to that LOVE...

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