Sunday, January 27, 2008

Days Like This I Miss (what happened?)

My father used to talk a lot about this one mechanic that he knew. It was this man named Chet who owned an auto shop down on Venice and Western Blvd a long long time ago. Chet was the most honest man you'd ever want to meet. He worked hard every day and took care of your car as if you were trusting him with your life. Your satisfaction is what motivated him and your paying for a job well done was a blessing. Chet would always say "no problem, just leave the car and I'll have it done." My father's fondest memory of Chet was that this man would never take money from my mother. He'd basically fix the car perfectly, have it all tuned up and cleaned up but would wait until my father came around to pay him. He wouldn't worry. He was a man driven by honesty and wanting to be appreciated for not only that honesty but for his quality work. He didn't even have to preface his actions by saying "you have my word, it'll get done." In today's world, people say those words all the time and then you have to keep calling and asking them when will it get done. People today seem to lean on the shoulders of excuses. They embrace laziness. They don't care. A lie feels more natural. The truth is abnormal. Chet was a good man, did incredible work but times changed and finding a person like him is rare... Your word is your most valuable, transportable possession. You carry it everywhere you go. You wear it like a badge of honor, connected inside, hanging from your heart and soul. It shines when a soul is true. You can see it reflected in the eyes of others. Have someone ask others that know you, what their impression is of you. I hope they come back with more than just you looked good, made money or had nice things...

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Jaime said...

Brother Anthony, you have not ceased to impress me! I LIVE by what you just wrote, but I am still misunderstood. Of all the comments you've written, the novels you've published(that I've read ;-), this one simple and humble comment has hit home to my heart. I like to say that I give my best at living by my word and perhaps I'm missing something but keeping one's word is honorable, yet unappreciated these days. I read "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz; in it he states one of the four agreements is 'to be impeccable with your word' which means just that. We should all be impeccable with our words, know our own thoughts and not just bark at each other and rape our First Amendment right as if she were a crack whore you could abuse. No! We need to use our God-given-mind to use our words as the powerful tool they are. To speak truth to power and respect each other can spread around in a community and also rub off on the youth. Possibly this can help the youth to be better, honest adults who 'keep their word' and in so doing are truth worthy, conscious human beings. We ought to keep our word!
Si se puede!