Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Canvas For Quotes

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I'm living my life via quotes these days... Seems like I say standout words or phrases that stick around long enough to make me pick up the journal and write it down. I got to thinking it would be cool to document my quotin' progress, if you will... There's a memory of a significant moment attached; good, bad, whatever- yo, this week it went a little something like this...

"Is this a joke, a test or the best I can do?"
In the midst of someone teling me their plans to return to another, I received a call from a former somebody speaking of dreams of marriage.. In my mind it aint nothing but a mirage...

"And if you love it, spread the word..."
I was blessed to talk about my upcoming book with someone who was intrigued with the storyline and some of the words spoken by the female lead character in the story.

"Don't just say it 'cause it sounds good. Say it 'cause you mean it."
An effort to show a good friend just how blessed he is to have a special lady in his life who has chosen to make him her priority. He was trying to come up with the "right" words to say how he feels.

"Tonight she was there. She smiled, she waved... I seen what love almost looked like."
Answer to a question from a friend who asked why I looked so out of it; so dizzy... My eyes slightly red because I fought back and held in something I didn't want to admit...

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